China Piezo Ceramic Chips Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube Transducer for Piezo Product

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Piezoelectric Ceramics
Piezoelectric ceramic, piezo ceramic, PZT4, PZT5,PZT8
ultrasonic equipments
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Depend on quantity
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TT,western union
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piezoelectric ceramic tube transducer
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Ultrasonic Devices
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hong Kong
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15-30 workdays
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China Piezo Ceramic Chips Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube Transducer for Piezo Product


Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers for ultrasonic machine

Low MOQ as 1000pcs

Customized sizes

Customized frequency

For ultrasonic application


Piezoelectric ceramics:piezoelectric ceramics is a kind of functional ceramic materials capable of converting mechanical energy and electric energy to convert , belongs to the field of inorganic non-metal materials. The use of piezoelectric ceramic materials on the mechanical stresses caused by positive and negative center, internal relative displacement polarization occurs, resulting in material surface appear at both ends of bound charges of opposite sign that the piezoelectric effect and production, with sensitive characteristics.

Applications: Ultrasonic transducer, acoustic transducer, acoustic transducer, ceramic filters, ceramic, ceramic discriminator transformer, high voltage generator, infrared detector, surface acoustic wave device, electro-optical device, ignition and detonation device and piezoelectric gyro.


Normal size table


SpecDimensionThickness frequencyCapacitanceElectromechanical coupling coefficientPiezoelectric voltage coefficientCourier temperature
AV-5AF08010Φ8 × 12.0MHz±5%530±10%0.650.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF08010Φ8 × 12.0MHz±5%850±10%0.640.44400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF08020Φ8 × 21.0 MHz±5%265±10%0.650.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF08020Φ8 × 21.0 MHz±5%430±10%0.640.44400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF10010Φ10 × 12.0 MHz±5%840±10%0.650.44350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF10010Φ10 × 12.0 MHz±5%1350±10%0.640.43400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF10020Φ10 × 21.0 MHz±5%420±10%0.650.44350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF10020Φ10 × 21.0 MHz±5%680±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF15010Φ15 ×12.0 MHz±5%1970±10%0.650.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF15010Φ15 × 12.0 MHz±5%3200±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF15020Φ15 × 21.0 MHz±5%980±10%0.660.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF15020Φ15 × 21.0 MHz±5%1600±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF16010Φ16×12.0 MHz±5%2200±10%0.650.45350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF16010Φ16×12.0 MHz±5%3600±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5HF16020Φ16 × 21.0 MHz±5%1850±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF16020Φ16 × 21.0 MHz±5%1100±10%0.650.45350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5AF20010Φ20×12.0 MHz±5%3560±10%0.660.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF20010Φ20×12.0 MHz±5%5800±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF20020Φ20×21.0 MHz±5%1780±10%0.650.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF20020Φ20×21.0 MHz±5%2900±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF25010Φ25 × 12.0 MHz±5%4600±10%0.660.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF25010Φ25 × 12.0 MHz±5%7500±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF25020Φ25 × 21.0 MHz±5%2300±10%0.650.43350×10^(-12) C/N350
AV-5HF25020Φ25 × 21.0 MHz±5%3700±10%0.650.45400×10^(-12) C/N330
AV-5AF40020Φ40 × 21.0 MHz±5%7200±10%0.650.45350×10^(-12) C/N350



We can customized piezo disc of 
the size as 16mm, 20mm, 25mm,28mm, 38mm
the high frequency: 1MHz, 1.7MHz, 2MHz, 2.4MHz, 3MHz...
the low frequency: 103KHz, 108KHz, 110KHz, 115KHz, 132KHz...


Factory photo